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Curve didn’t just migrate away from Wirecard, it also overhauled its refund system

“The devil works fast… but Curve works faster.”

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All-your-cards-in-one fintech Curve had a busy weekend getting back up and running after the Wirecard UK outage, but the startup didn’t stop there. 

This morning it revealed the team, already trying to figure out how refunds made during the outage would work, also spent some time planning an overhaul to its entire refunds system

The crux of the upcoming changes, announced today, is that refunds will no longer head straight back to the card you paid with, but will instead land in your virtual Curve Cash Card. 

Previously this was a collection pot for the cashback points for when you used Curve with specific retailers or money that was sent to you by other Curve cardholders using Curve Send, now it’ll also collect refund cash. 

Once the new refund system launches you’ll be able to use this Curve Cash automatically anytime you spend, or send the cash back to your original payment card. 

Curve expects the new functionality to land “in about 1-2 weeks”, with refunds back to your original card arriving by the end of the month, which will “put traditional refund wait times to shame.” 

The bad news is that refunds are still currently down for Curve, and the fintech says any refunds made before 2pm on 27 June are “sitting safely with Wirecard. Rest assured, we are working with them to get it released to you as soon as possible.” 

Refunds made after 2pm on 27 June will now land on your Curve Cash Card, but the additional functions of being able to spend that cash or return it to your original card are subject to the timelines above. 

“They say the devil works fast… but Curve works faster, as proven this weekend when we successfully migrated away from Wirecard in less than 60 hours. We rebuilt in record time, and we’re not done yet: refunds are top of the agenda.”

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