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Mastercard launches True Name cards in Europe to support the transgender community

A brilliant step forward for tolerance and acceptance.

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Changing the name on a bank card shouldn’t be a long and painful legal process, so today Mastercard is bringing its True Name cards to Europe to speed up the process. 

The cards, which must be adopted by partner banks first, let customers display their chosen name. 

In the US the cards were launched last year in support of the transgender and non-binary communities who struggle with getting names changed on bank cards and have to deal with daily confusion over the name on their bank cards. 

“Our names define us, and for millions in the LGBTQ+ community their payment card doesn’t currently enable people to be their true selves,” said Mastercard Europe President Mark Barnett. 

"We urge our partners to join us in making the True Name card possible in countries across Europe so that we can help ease the journey for the transgender and non-binary community to using their true identity safely, simply and with pride.” 

In Mastercard’s research nearly a third (32 per cent) of customers who showed IDs that with a name or gender that didn’t match their appearance reported being harassed, denied services or even being attacked. 

Interestingly Mastercard says that the cards have no additional compliance requirements above standard credit cards. 

So, a brilliant step forward for tolerance and acceptance, but one that makes you wonder why it took card companies just so long.

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