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Fintex hits €200m of auxmoney loans

Since 2016 Fintex has been a constant buyer of German consumer loans originated by auxmoney as it has seen growing demand from institutions for alternative loans.

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Robert Stafler, CEO of Fintex Capital

Fintex Capital has reached €200m of investment in German consumer loans originated by auxmoney, according to an update from the firm. 

The asset manager, which invests in alternative loans on behalf of a number of institutional investors, began deploying money to auxmoney’s platform in 2016 when it issued a €7m bond backed by. It has subsequently carried out a further 18 bond issuances backed by auxmoney loans to a variety of institutions. 

Fintex, which recently onboarded a European Bank during lockdown, says a growing pool of investors, including banks, insurance companies and asset managers, are interested in euro-denominated loans’ income profile.

Auxmoney has originated more than €2bn in German consumer loans, making it the largest credit marketplace in continental Europe, it says. Fintex Capital, therefore, has been responsible for 10 per cent of all its funding. 

Robert Stafler, CEO of Fintex Capital says the firm’s aim is to make complex private debt investments “easy, and fast”. 

“We created Fintex with a vision to become a unique 21st century investment firm, delivering capital preservation, steady income through the cycle, low volatility as well as low correlation with other asset classes.  

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