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UK fintech Judopay partners with Mastercard to accelerate adoption of touch-free payments

With the help of Mastercard, Judopay will expand further across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and North America.

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UK-based payments platform Judopay has today announced a partnership with Mastercard to move towards a touch-free payments future.  

Judopay was born out of frustration at clunky mobile checkouts, with the name coming from the Japanese sport Judo, translating to ‘the gentle way,’ in the hope of streamlining customer checkouts, which in turn increases sales and repeat purchases. 

The fintech, which is trusted by the likes of Wahaca, KFC, itsu and fellow fintech Chip to run their mobile payments, will deepen its presence across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and the US thanks to the partnership with Mastercard. 

Mastercard will help bolster Judopay’s network by giving the fintech a direct route into the Mastercard Payment Gateway Services ecosystem. 

Jeremy Nicholds, CEO of Judopay, said: "The partnership with Mastercard is the natural next step for our relationship. It will be a key strategic partnership as we grow our business across a range of different markets and head into an increasingly digital future.” 

"Mastercard and Judopay already have a successful track record, having worked together to provide Pay by Link solutions earlier this year. Now, we aim to help those adapting to the new normal by building a touch-free economy that’s accessible to all," he added. 

Earlier in the pandemic, the team launched hygienic payments for pharmacies, meaning customers could buy their essentials online and have them delivered straight to their door.  

Following the success of this process, the pair are now looking to introduce more touch-free payment systems across the UK and abroad. 

Keith Douglas, executive vice president of Payment Gateway Services at Mastercard, said: “We’re looking forward to building on our long-standing relationship with Judopay to help them provide more people with more touch-free payment choices in more places around the world.” 

The partnership will help Judopay bolster its mobile payment platform, to meet the increased demand that came with consumers turning to online shopping throughout the pandemic. 

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