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Wealth management for all? Rosecut launches free tools previously reserved for high-net-worths

The fintech’s new financial management suite will help customers plan how to reach their financial goals, create their own balance sheet and project their cashflow.

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Qiaojia Li (right)/Rosecut

Rosecut, a financial planning and investment management platform, has launched free financial management tools and guidance, previously reserved for those working with expensive personal wealth managers. 

The fintech’s new tools will help users to better assess their financial position, plan how to meet their financial goals and plot both their current and future expenses to ensure they’re spending money wisely. 

Rosecut has introduced a personal wealth balance sheet that helps customers map their total income, spending all investable assets and liabilities, while also helping them to put aside enough emergency cash to help them out in times of crisis. 

The fintech has also built a cash flow projection tool, to help users visualise their current financial trajectory, and a strategy board, which gives users context around the financial decisions they are making, such as income, savings and their ideal retirement age. 

Once the wealth balance sheet has established an investor’s level of liquid wealth and thus their assets available to invest, the cash flow projection provides a visualisation of the current trajectory of their financial position over time, to retirement age and beyond. 

Qiaojia Li, co-founder and CEO of Rosecut, said: “The right financial planning today can transform how much wealth you have in the future, but most people don’t have access to the information and knowledge they need to make the financial decisions that will help their future selves.” 

“Our new cash flow tool uses financial modelling that until now has only been accessible to the uber-rich who have professional wealth managers. We’re breaking open the secretive and opaque private banking industry by giving universal access to that level of financial knowledge.” 

Unlike other robo-advisers, like Nutmeg and Wealthify, Rosecut doesn’t just look at where’s best to invest now, it takes a customers goals and life plans into consideration before advising a user where to invest their cash.

The team consists of highly experienced wealth advisers from a range of private banks such as, Coutts, Barclays and Credit Suisse, with CEO Li having worked at the likes of Moneyfarm and Coutts herself. 

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