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bunq first bank to offer Google Pay in the Netherlands and Portugal

Google Pay has not been available in either country to date, with bunq being the first bank to enable the payment system.

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Ali Niknam/bunq

Dutch challenger bank bunq is one of the first challenger banks to offer Google Pay to its customers in the Netherlands and Portugal. 

The fintech will be the first to bring Google Pay to Portugal and its native Netherlands following the introduction of Apple Pay for the first time in 2019. 

bunq users will be able to use their Google Pay-enabled phones for contactless payments at accepting stores across the two countries.  

Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq, said: “We’re always challenging the status quo to make life easy for our users, and this is a logical next step.” 

“Nowadays paying has to be quick, easy, and safe, so I’m very happy that we’re bringing Google Pay to bunqers in the Netherlands and Portugal!” 

By adding Google Pay to its list of capabilities, bunq’s customers will be able to create encrypted virtual cards that are stored securely on a Near Field Communication (NFC) equipped phone. 

The latest feature will be available across all bunq plans. 

Founded in 2012, bunq has amassed over €633m in customer deposits and is now available across 30 European markets. 

CEO and founder, Niknam remains the sole investor in the bank, having put up €73.8m of his own cash to fund the digital bank. 

Niknam spoke last week at the AltFi Festival of Finance telling attendees that he had once considered London as the headquarters for his bank, before switching plans to Amsterdam. 

“Frankly, and this might not be a popular voice, but frankly, it doesn’t make any sense to be in London if it’s not going to be part of the European system,” he said.

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