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Revolut announces a permanent move to flexible working

Its 2,000-strong workforce will get to choose when and how often they work from the office.

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In one of the first prominent UK fintechs to announce its future working plans, Revolut says it will allow the vast majority of its employees to have permanent flexible working.

The move means that some 2,000+ workers will get to choose when and how often they work from home or visit the office.

To support the change, Revolut is repurposing its existing offices as Rev Labs and will be opening new Labs in locations where there’s never been a Revolut office before. These labs are described as flexible workspaces where over 70 per cent of the space is devoted to collaborative work.

Revolut’s decision came after 98 per cent of its employees reported they’d adapted well to remote working, and with 90 per cent of its team leaders saying performance had been unaffected.

However, 65 per cent still said they wanted the freedom to come to the office when they want, hence Revolut’s decision to launch Labs.

“Our people have told us that they really love the better balance they’ve achieved by working from home. But they said they missed colleagues and the chance to collaborate face to face on key projects and to balance the convenience of home with the camaraderie of the office,” said Jim MacDougall, VP of people at Revolut.

“Rev Labs offers everyone the best of both worlds.”

MacDougall said this new flexible policy would be completed over the coming months to make it attractive both to existing employees and the hundreds more that Revolut will undoubtedly hire in the future.

As for why Revolut’s employees are so keen on working from home, 86 per cent said not commuting had been the main advantage, with 60 per cent saying they’d seen an improvement in their work-life balance.

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