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77% of hiring managers say job hopping is a red flag

Candidates should make sure to emphasise their skills and be honest with potential future employers if they find themselves jumping between jobs, writes Amply's Aoibhinn McBride

Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels

A job for life might seem like an antiquated ideal from yesteryear but it turns out that the vast majority of hiring managers look more favourably on candidates that spend long periods of time with the same employer.

That’s according to recent research which found that 77 per cent of those in charge of recruiting namechecked job hopping as a top concern when considering new candidates.

But does that automatically mean you should slog it out in a job you’ve outgrown that offers no hope of career progression? Or what about remaining in a new job that quickly reveals itself to be incompatible with your skills and experience?

A separate study found that72 per cent of new starters have experienced “Shift Shock” (the feeling of starting a new job and immediately regretting it) and 80 per cent believe it is acceptable to jump ship within a year if things aren’t working out.

With such polarising viewpoints, how can job seekers and those hiring find a common ground when it comes to tenure?

Sell your skills

According to The World Economic Forum’s (WEF)Future of Jobs Report 2023, soft skills including analytical and creative thinking, along with resilience, flexibility and agility are critical for success in the future.

So instead of trying to diminish your varied work experience, hone in on all the skills you’ve acquired along the way. Perhaps you have experience of working for a start-up during a high growth phase or successfully navigated a period of flux that resulted in redundancies or even a merger with another company.

A variety of scenarios on your CV highlights just how adaptable you are and shows hiring managers what you can bring to their team.

Be honest

Leaving out a negative employment experience, particularly if it was short-lived, is tempting — over 51 per cent of adults admit to lying on their CV — unexplained gaps will automatically raise red flags.

Instead, be honest about the reasons why you left a job. But don’t fall into the trap of bad-mouthing a former employer, no matter how toxic they were. Detailing that the company didn’t align with your values should suffice.

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