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Capdesk extends Series A by £5m

Capdesk says it caters to founders, employees and investors by digitising equity, options and warrants transactions and giving shareholders access to Europe’s largest private secondaries market through a partnership with Seedrs.

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Capdesk/Christian Gabriel

Capdesk, which helps start-ups and other firms with an equity management platform for their employees and investors, has closed an extension of £5m to its Series A fundraise and bringing the round to a total of £8m. 

The round’s extension was led by Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, the venture capital arm of Fidelity, and MiddleGame Ventures, the early-stage fintech venture firm. The initial raise of £3m in 2020 was led by Fuel Ventures.

Cap tables, which show ownership of companies with complicated equity structures such as most tech startups, are managed digitally via the Capdesk platform. This helps with transparency for employees, founders and investors and provides a way for companies with high levels of employee ownership to manage equity awards. 

Capdesk, which launched in 2015, has also launched an exchange with Seedrs to let shareholders sell stock without having to wait for an IPO or sale to ‘cash out’.

Christian Gabriel (pictured), CEO and Co-Founder, Capdesk said: “Today’s announcement makes Capdesk the best-funded equity management solution in Europe. More importantly, it combines the fintech expertise and capital support from MiddleGame Ventures and Fidelity, paving the way for Capdesk to build an equity solution never before seen in Europe. With this investment, we can take a significant leap forward in our journey to create a European-wide digital ecosystem that allows for the safe, secure and fair transaction of equity.” 

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