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Proptech Offr reveals new partnership to streamline buying and selling property

The proptech is helping to digitise the entire process of buying and selling property and its latest integration takes it one step closer to achieving its goal.

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Offr has today announced that it has joined forces with DocuSign and Twilio to speed up the process of buying and selling property.

The proptech, which was founded in September 2019 and launched in the UK in 2020, has integrated with the two firms to allow its users to engage with their transactions and exchange contracts in a matter of seconds.

Offr enables users to buy, sell, lease, or rent property from anywhere in the world through its platform, which digitises over 85 per cent of the process. 

Just after the UK entered lockdown, on 24 March 2020 Offr claims to have enabled the world’s first fully remote digital property transaction, with the property sold entirely online for 61 per cent over the asking price. 

Niall Dawson, co-founder of Offr, said: “Our integrations with Twilio and DocuSign helps us to make the buying and selling process more painless than ever for our customers, allowing them to stay connected to the other parties in their transactions and exchange/amend documents instantly.”

“As Offr prepares for expansions and growth in 2021, we’re confident that with these integrations, we’re making the property market more accessible than ever.”

By integrating with DocuSign, contracts can be signed almost instantly and Twilio will enable all parties involved in a transaction to receive programmable messaging updates, meaning that everyone stays in the loop. 

Jamie Bothwell, senior director of EMEA marketing at DocuSign, added: “Offr is using DocuSign to complete buying, selling, and bidding transactions entirely online.”

“DocuSign eSignature is the perfect solution to traditional signatures that require printers and scanners and are prevalent in the property market. Our electronic signing solution enables you to seamlessly sign court-admissible agreements online in minutes rather than days—saving time, money and paper.”

Offr’s latest integration comes just a few months after the fintech closed a £2.7m seed round, with the majority of the cash coming from Barclays.

Since March last year, over 5,000 new customer accounts have been created with Offr and the rate of new users signing up has been growing by 43 per cent per month since January. 

Offr is currently available in Ireland, the UK and Australia.

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