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Curve launches automated money management features

Each of its ‘autopilot’ features is designed to make it easy for Curve’s customers to spend, send, see and save their cash as the UK adjusts post-lockdown.

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Shachar Bialick/Curve

As the UK adjusts to the post lockdown world, Curve has introduced a raft of new features to allow its users to personalise and automate money management.

The new features include what Curve calls its ‘anti-embarrassment mode, which allows consumers to decide which debit or credit cards serve as a backup,  in case their default card declines a transaction.

Also among the new features are Curve’s ‘cash auto ‘spend, which allows customers to automatically spend cashback. Curve offers 1 per cent cashback when they spend at Zara, Selfridges, H&M, Honest Burgers, Pret, Leon and Wahaca. Curve Metal customers can receive cashback from up to six merchants of their choice. 

Curve’s Chief Operating Officer, Nathalie Oestmann said: “After a year of lockdown restrictions, consumer experiences and expectations have shifted hugely. They want their online experiences to be easy and delightful, and that’s the way it should be. At Curve, we’re laser-focussed on 24/7 innovation, and our Autopilot features give customers control at their fingertips, as they and much of the UK look to more fulfilling social interactions over the next few months.”

Curve says it is also currently trialling a feature allowing customers to specify a bank card as a recurring payment or direct debit, and also select a payment rule according to an individual merchant such as Netflix. 

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