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Revolut’s ‘super app’ gets an update

The fintech has over 15 million customers worldwide, and wants to take on the some of biggest financial apps in the world.

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Revolut has come a long way in its relatively short 6 years of operation. Starting with a single use of money exchange at the interbank rate, it now reports 15 million customers and a vast and growing range of features. 

The banking challenger, in a bid to bring order to this ever-increasing array of features, has now made a major update to its app, a further move to put it into the ‘super app’ category.  

Revolut says the app is now more simplified and offering a more customisable user experience, a new trend for fintech apps in the west but the norm for the likes of WeChat and Alipay, both Chinese super apps,  both owning over 1 billion users.

Ivan Vazhnov, Head of Android Engineering at Revolut, says the latest app layout update gives users more capabilities and allows them to interact with features in a new way. 

“The new interface brings user experience to the next level thanks to a customisable and intuitive design. We have taken into account all the feedback that we have been receiving over the last few months to introduce a new design that really meets our clients’ needs and give them even more control over their finances,” he said.

Users can now customise the app and pin their core products to 'tidy' the home view. Revolut has made a few core favourites available to pin across the top of the home screen so that users can choose exactly what they want to see every time they launch the app. 

Also central to the update is what Revolut dubbs the 'Hub' which groups all Revolut's products into one easy-to-navigate page and allows customer discovery by scrolling through one screen. 

The other noteworthy 'super app' in Europe, putting aside Paypal which haa largely so far kept within the payments category, is Tinkoff bank. Only available in Russia, the app offers users a huge range of features including e-commerce services such as booking cinema tickets. 

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