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Hey big spender: Revolut launches tool to help users save while shopping

All customers have to do is download the new browser extension and shop online with their virtual Revolut card to access the service.

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In a year where all we’ve been able to do is shop online, Revolut is making it one step easier.

The digital banking service has launched a handy new feature called Revolut Shopper that lets customers get discounts while online shopping with their virtual Revolut cards.

In the form of a browser extension, Revolut Shopper scans the web for the best deals and discount codes for whichever online shop a customer is checking out from.

Revolut Shopper also auto-fills a customer’s card details every time they pay, making shopping online even easier. 

“We’re constantly innovating and creating new products and features that customers can use and benefit from in their everyday lives, simply and easily, straight from their phone app and now on the Web App,” Phuc To, head of retail at Revolut, said.

“We have just launched Revolut Shopper, a browser extension that helps customers get the best deals and shop securely at the same time. We will continue to add new handy tools to help our customers manage their financial lives smoothly and all from one useful app.”

Users can access the new feature anywhere at any time just by simply downloading it to whichever browser they prefer and logging in.

As well as finding the best prices for all customers, some users will be able to receive cashback to their Revolut account, on top of any promo codes applied, while shopping with one of Revolut’s partners.

Revolut has been rolling out a whole host of new features as of late.

Just yesterday, it expanded its cryptocurrency offering thanks to an integration with Elliptic’s cryptocurrency compliance tools its Metal subscribers will also now have the option to have their transactions recorded on the blockchain when withdrawing crypto from the Revolut app.

Last week, AltFi also exclusively revealed that Revolut would soon allow paying Metal customers to get beta access to transfer their Bitcoin holdings out of Revolut.

Some limits will apply during the beta period, beyond its restriction to Metal paying customers. Only three external addresses can be added, and withdrawals are limited to £1,000/month or £500/day, with limits being reviewed in the future.

According to AltFi's calculations earlier this year, Revolut could be sitting on over £1bn worth of crypto on behalf of its customers.

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