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Meet our Festival of Finance speakers: Juan Carlos Guillermety, VP at Nubank

We sit down with the speakers of AltFi’s upcoming Festival of Finance 2021.

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Juan Carlos Guillermety/AltFi.

The AltFi Festival of Finance 2021 is just mere days away and, to help get you excited for the event, we sat down with some of the speakers to see what they think about fintech trends at the moment.

Across our 3-day festival next week, you’ll get to hear from 50 of fintech and alternative lending’s best and brightest minds.

Throughout some 35+ sessions they’ll be discussing everything from the post-pandemic recovery, neo-banking around the world, crypto’s rise, buy-now-pay-later, and so much more.

Yesterday we sat down with John Davies, executive chairman of Just Cashflow and headline sponsor for this year’s festival.

Next up on our list of speakers is Juan Carlos Guillermety, VP at Nubank, the Brazil-based digital bank:

Aisling Finn: When it comes to finance, what future technology are you most excited about and why? (VR? AI? 5G? Quantum computing? Or something more mundane?)

Juan Carlos Guillermety: There are several to note and as we think about the financial system being re-imagined in the future, but definitely, Blockchain technology has a lot of potential. 

Decentralized finance opens a wide array of possibilities that can drive a cheaper and better experience for consumers.

AF: Which region of the world is going to be most interesting for finance over the next decade and why?

JCG: Latin America is definitely going to be the most interesting and exciting for finance over the next decade. This region has one of the highest rates of unbanked people across the globe and has some of the highest costs for end consumers. 

This provides an ample runway for new players to come in with disruptive models to provide cheaper and better solutions across all income segments and thanks to the fintech boom we have been experiencing, more and more Latin Americans are being able to join the financial system, so we are just starting to see the potential this region has in the finance world.

AF: Are you upbeat or downbeat about the future of virtual events?

JCG: Upbeat! I think virtual events are giving us the possibility to be part of a vast option of events around the world that is very interesting and appealing. 

Even though Zoom exhaustion is real, I believe event producers are getting more creative in order to provide a better online experience and cater to diverse interests and audiences.

AF: Thanks Juan!

And there you have it, our second speaker sit-down ahead of the Festival of Finance on 22 - 24 June.

Don’t have your ticket yet? What are you waiting for:


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