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Meet our Festival of Finance speakers: David Brear, Group CEO of 11:FS

We sit down with the latest speaker from AltFi’s upcoming Festival of Finance 2021.

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With the AltFi Festival of Finance 2021 just a week away, we’re sitting down with some of the speakers to find out which themes and trends are on their minds.

Across our 3-day festival next week, you’ll get to hear from 50 of fintech and alternative lending’s best and brightest minds.

Across some 35+ sessions they’ll be discussing everything from the post-pandemic recovery, neo-banking around the world, crypto’s rise, buy-now-pay-later, and so much more.

Yesterday we met Juan Carlos Guillermety, a VP at Nubank, and before that John Davies executive chairman of Just Cashflow and headline sponsor for this year’s festival.

Today, we’re sitting down with David Brear, group CEO of 11:FS, the fintech consultancy and media giant:

Oliver Smith: David, when it comes to finance, which future technology are you most excited about and why?

David Brear: I believe the future of finance can be summed up in 3 words:

  • Embedded: distributed at the point of the problem.

  • Integrated: bundling services together as an offering and managed through tech that's not siloed.

  • Automated: finances are taken care of to the point that we no longer have to think about it.

With a permanent shift towards digital, I'm excited to see how this gets applied.

OS: Which region of the world will be most interesting for finance over the next decade, and why?

DB: Building a futuristic city from scratch means financial services can be reimagined in Neom [a planned city in Saudi Arabia that sits on the border with Jordan], which is bound to open up all sorts of opportunities for the Middle East. 

This will be one to watch.

OS: And finally, are you upbeat or downbeat about the future of virtual events?

DB: I really hope we find a way of keeping some form of virtual event that people still get value from as it would be a huge shame to lose the "internationalism" that we all are benefitting from for events, meetings, content, etc. 

Now you truly can have an international meeting without spending a fortune and days on travel.

OS: Thanks David!

And there you have it, our third speaker sit-down ahead of the Festival of Finance on 22 - 24 June.

Don’t have your ticket yet? What are you waiting for:


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