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Diversity VC appoints new CEO and COO after six-month-long search

Ladi Greenstreet and Daisy Onubogu will move into the CEO and COO roles respectively.

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Ladi Greenstreet and Daisy Onubogu/Diversity VC

Diversity VC, which promotes a more diverse VC ecosystem in Europe, has announced the appointment of a new CEO and COO today.

Incoming CEO Greenstreet currently leads Accenture’s Open Innovation programme in the UK and Ireland and has previously held roles across the company, including as a management consultant and at Fjord, the creative offshoot of Accenture Interactive. 

“Diversity VC started with a simple aim: to make venture capital a fairer and more inclusive industry. Given Venture Capital’s outsized impact on the economy, and role in the promotion of innovative new companies, it seems reasonable that a more inclusive and equitable VC industry could spur a more inclusive and equitable society,” the new CEO of Diversity VC said.

“I am proud to be joining the Diversity VC team in 2021. We will redouble our efforts to promote a more open, accessible and diverse innovation community – we are aiming to consolidate and grow our community, make it easier to access resources, expand our impact globally by entering new ecosystems, and we will keep growing our team of inspiring individuals.”

Greenstreet is stepping into the role after former CEO and co-founder of Diversity VC Check Warner left the top job in December 2020.

Newly appointed COO Onubogu is currently the head of network and community at Backed VC, a human-centric venture capital fund focused on seed investing across Europe, and has previously held roles at Refugee Info Network, Web Summit and Roam International.

“We’re so delighted to have an opportunity to focus our energy on addressing inclusion and ethics in the Venture Capital Industry. By uniting the cause we care most passionately about with the industry that has the greatest potential to facilitate change, we hope to create a long-lasting impact at scale,” the incoming COO added.

“Over the last 6 years, Diversity VC has established itself as the go-to organisation for data, resources, education and much-needed lobbying in service of improving DE&I in venture capital.”

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