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Fresh Features: ‘CO2 tracker’ by Klarna

The second instalment of our deep dive into fun and quirky fintech app features you should probably know about.

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Fintech and innovation go hand in hand. Fresh Features is our weekly rundown of the best weird and wonderful fintech app features you might not even know about.

A whole host of apps come across our desk each day and this new weekly series is an opportunity for us to share our favourite app features that you should probably know about.

We'll be covering everything from digital banking apps and trading to savings and investment to show you the top innovative and downright quirky features that have caught our eye. 

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So, let's kick off the second instalment of this new series.

Feature of the week: CO2 tracker

Reducing our carbon footprint is something that we all need to turn our attention to and Klarna has recently added a new feature to its revamped app to make it just a little bit easier. 

The buy-now-pay-later giant has integrated a CO2 emissions tracker in its app so that users can see just how much CO2 their shopping is creating.

Tucked away in the ‘My Klarna’ section of the app, customers can see a monthly breakdown of their carbon footprint generated through Klarna.

As well as a monthly breakdown, users can see how much CO2 their individual Klarna purchases made, enabling you to make more climate-conscious decisions when shopping online.

Klarna also provides a whole host of helpful insights into how customers can reduce their carbon footprint, what carbon emissions are, how Klarna calculates its carbon emissions and other information about how online shopping is often better than in-store in terms of emissions.

With climate change so at the forefront of everyone’s minds, Klarna’s carbon tracker is a great place to start when trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

Honourable mentions: Sugi and Tred

The honourable mentions this week go out to green fintechs Sugi and Tred.

Sugi is a fintech whose sole purpose is to make users more aware of how environmentally friendly their investment portfolios are.

The Moneyhub-powered portfolio checker allows retail investors to check the carbon impact of their investments and compare investments with industry benchmarks to help them build a greener portfolio.

Just last month the fintech also launched a new tool that allows users to check if their portfolios are aligned with the 2°C Paris Agreement target.

Fellow green fintech Tred tracks your carbon footprint, helps you reduce your impact on the environment and gives you a simple way to offset the rest.

Every time you spend using your Tred card you help plant a tree, with all profits going towards reforestation projects based here in the UK. 

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