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Fresh Features: Bunq’s in-app community page

The third instalment of our deep dive into fun and quirky fintech app features you should probably know about.

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Fintech and innovation go hand in hand. Fresh Features is our weekly rundown of the best weird and wonderful fintech app features you might not even know about.

A whole host of apps come across our desk each day and this new weekly series is an opportunity for us to share our favourite app features that you should probably know about.

We'll be covering everything from digital banking apps and trading to savings and investment to show you the top innovative and downright quirky features that have caught our eye. 

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Now for the third instalment of our new series…

Feature of the week: Bunq’s community 

Fintechs often have incredibly loyal supporters but very few fintechs allow their loyal fans to interact with each other. In Bunq’s app, its users can do just that.

On the community page in the app, customers can see just how much money they have collectively donated, to which charities it has gone to and which causes are the most popular.

The app also shows customers exactly where their deposits have been invested, breaking it down per each investment area and even letting customers pick and choose where their money is invested.

Famous for its eco-friendly take on banking, Bunq’s app also shows users just how many trees they have planted, where in the world they have been planted and which ‘tribes’ (groups of users joining together to plant trees) have been the most successful.

To date, Bunq’s community has invested €1.1bn, planted over 4m trees and donated more than €15,500 to charitable causes across Europe.

Thanks to an update from earlier this year, users can also see which of their friends also have a Bunq account in the ‘Friends’ section on the app and even see where they have been spending their money.

Users can open up ‘activities’ with their friends to ensure that everybody pays their fair share to help avoid the awkward conversation about how to split the bill.

‘Bunqers’ can also see exactly where their friends on the app are spending their money, a feature that is helpful if you’re in a new city or just looking for a recommendation, with the digital bank publishing guides on some of the most popular destinations for its customers.

Pre-Covid-19, Bunq’s community was even more active than it is today, with users being invited to update launches to see the new app before it hits the app store.

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