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Banking and broadband: Zopa expands its price comparison lineup

Now you can switch energy and broadband, check your credit score and apply for a loan, all from Zopa’s app.

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Clare Gambardella/Zopa.

Keen to position itself as a financial hub for consumers, Zopa today added a broadband comparison and switching service to its credit card and banking app.

The feature means users can now not only compare and switch home energy providers, but also do the same for their broadband.

Similar to its energy service, broadband comparison and switching has been created in partnership with Decision Tech, an arm of the MoneySuperMarket Group.

“Reducing monthly bills not only helps to save money but can also improve your credit score by increasing your disposable income. That’s why we have introduced money saving services like Broadband switching in our app,” said Zopa’s chief customer officer Clare Gambardella.

Although this is obviously aimed at Zopa’s existing credit card customers, you don’t need to be a cardholder to use the service.

Anyone can download the app and try a host of Zopa’s features including energy and broadband switching, along with Zopa’s ‘Borrowing Power’ credit score monitoring service.

Obviously if you decide to sign up for a credit card or apply for a personal loan in the process, that’s a bonus.

“We hope this will help customers to spend just minutes comparing deals to find the best value for them,” added Gambardella.

Adding additional price comparison features like mobile phone and TV seems like the natural next step for Zopa’s lineup, and would follow a similar ‘super app’ playbook to what rivals like Revolut have done, although the bank had nothing more to announce today.

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