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Unpacking Open Banking in 2021

A practical examination of how we seize the $400bn opportunity of open banking and beyond.

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It’s hard to measure the sheer scale of the impact open banking and its peers—open finance and smart data—are having on the global financial landscape.

Accenture recently put the figure of $400bn on the banking revenue potential of this transition to an open data economy we’re in—others argue that number is too conservative.

Still, if we agree that open banking is at least a $400bn opportunity, then how do we best go about seizing it?

That’s the question we’re looking to answer at AltFi’s inaugural Open Banking Forum on Wednesday, 6 October.

Across an afternoon of discussions, we’ll be: 

  • Identifying the practical steps needed to create game-changing open banking applications, 

  • Comparing and learning from different global regulatory approaches to open banking,

  • Examining the challenges of dealing with vast amounts of open banking and open finance data,

  • Exploring the pathways to enabling embedded finance.

We’ll tackle these topics and more across a virtual afternoon of discussion and engagement with our 16 speakers, including:

  • Imran Gulamhuseinwala, Trustee, Open Banking Implementation Entity

  • Georgina Owens, Chief Technology Officer, Liberis

  • Luke Massie, CEO and founder, VibePay

  • Emma Steeley, CEO, AccountScore (an Equifax company)

Register for free today for AltFi’s Open Banking Forum 2021 on the afternoon of 6 October 2021.


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