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11:FS forms global partnership with Google Cloud

11:FS Foundry is already hosted on Google Cloud, making the transition over even smoother.

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Simon Taylor/11:FS

Financial consultancy 11:FS Foundry has teamed up with Google Cloud to create a new platform for its clients.

Google Cloud will power 11:FS Foundry’s end-to-end solution, building a host of new financial services offerings that allow customers to ‘plug and play’ with some of the best fintech solutions on the market.

With the new offering, fintechs, neobanks and traditional banks will be able to more easily scale and launch their products.

“Adding fintech to your offering and embedding finance can boost a company's revenue by up to five times,” Simon Taylor, CPO of 11:FS Foundry and co-founder of 11:FS said, citing recent research from Andreesen Horowitz. 

Google Cloud is the ideal partner in our mission to help banks and non-banks alike build game-changing financial products.”

In a neat fintech/tech tie-up, 11:FS itself is hosted on Google Cloud’s platform, enabling better security, encryption and a more global reach.

“The financial services industry is undergoing immense transformation and we are excited to partner with 11:FS,Adrian Poole, director of financial services at Google Cloud, added. 

“The focus to build intelligent customer solutions fit for the modern digital landscape, while using best-in-class infrastructure from Google Cloud will support banks on their digital transformation.”

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