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Starling puts bills in their ‘space’ with Bills Manager

A smart feature to simplify bills management for Starling Bank customers.

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Starling Bank.

One of the most annoying things about current accounts is the muddle of monthly direct debits and bills which can make it tricky to assess how much spare cash you have.

Starling Bank has launched what it says is “one of the most requested” features from its customers, the ability to pay bills from a separate Savings Space.

Using a new ‘Bills Manager’ customers can move certain direct debits across to a dedicated Space, decluttering their main current account.

“Our customers asked for this feature and therefore we created it. Enabling them to better manage their money is our number one goal,” said CEO Anne Boden.

Customers will get a notification if their Space doesn’t have enough funds to cover a bill due the following day, and two further reminders on the payment day itself.

Spaces are treated like separate sub-accounts, meaning a bill will fail to be paid if there’s not enough money in the Space, even if a customer has cash in the main account.

Bills Manager and the associated Space is free for all personal and joint account holders and is available now.

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