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Stripe brings its Terminal to Europe

Stripe Terminal is now available in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands allowing platform and marketplace businesses like Shopify, Indy Cinema Group and to offer in-person payments to their users.

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Shimona Mehta/Shopify

Fintech giant Stripe has brought its point of sale ‘terminal’ to the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and the Netherlands allowing payments to be taken in the physical world. 

Stripe, which became the world’s most highly valued fintech company earlier in 2021, and is reportedly heading for a blockbuster IPO, provides a number of different services to businesses centred around digital payments.

In the summer, however, it also launched its first terminal device, which facilitates physical point of sale payments as the world began to move out of the first wave of lockdowns.

“Over the last decade, it’s become much easier to accept in-person or online payments. But as soon as you want to do both, it would get complex and challenging. The expansion of Stripe Terminal means businesses in Europe around the world can easily unify their in-person and online payments experiences,” said Matt Henderson, EMEA Business Lead at Stripe.

Stripe will be targeting software platforms and internet-first retailers, however such as Shopify. The e-commerce giant is using Stripe’s terminal to allow its merchants to accept payments in person rather than having separate systems for each.   

“For Shopify merchants, integrating their offline and online businesses is crucial, and that includes payments,” said Shimona Mehta (pictured), Managing Director, EMEA, Shopify. 

“We are seeing hybrid shopping take on greater importance for consumers this coming Black Friday Cyber Monday. The expansion of Stripe Terminal will mean that more of our merchants can manage in-person and online payments through Shopify, streamlining their workflows to provide a greater consumer experience.”

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