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Funding Options diversifies even further with international payments via Wise

After adding energy switching for SMEs in July.

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Roisin Levine/Wise.

SME lending marketplace Funding Options is today making its second big foray into adjacent markets, this time with international payments.

As a reminder, in July Funding Options raised eyebrows by adding energy comparison and switching alongside its more traditional financing options, with the help of energy comparison site Love Energy Savings.

Now that diversification is continuing with the help of Wise, adding overseas transfers for paying international invoices, vendors and employees in 80 countries.

“Business owners need and expect frictionless and affordable digital financial services, with international payments a key component for many,” said Simon Cureton, CEO of Funding Options, on the partnership.

“This strategic partnership adds another layer of depth to our Funding Cloud ecosystem, which we believe has the power to transform the SME finance landscape.”

Similar to Love Energy Savings, the tie-up works through an API handover to Wise Business where SMEs can open an account and start making payments.

“For too long, small businesses have been stuck with poor international payments services that are too expensive, mired in a lack of transparency, and slow and cumbersome processes,” said Roisin Levine, head of UK and Europe partnerships at Wise and former head of partnerships at Funding Options.

“Like Funding Options, we believe small businesses deserve something better—an international payment service that is fast, transparent, convenient and affordable.”

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