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Supporting the people of Ukraine: Here are all the fintech initiatives to help

Visas, donations and industry coordination is starting to build up.

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Katie Godowski/Pexels.

It’s been less than a week since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, and the world is still racing into action to help.

The fintech community is no different, and in the last few days, we’ve seen a growing number of projects and initiatives to help anyone impacted by this war—Ukrainians and Russians alike.

Here we’re going to collect all the initiatives to help people in one place, from working visas to free international payments.

If there are any we’ve missed, please let me know I’ll be updating this article over the coming days.





  • Monese is refunding all fees for new and existing Ukrainian customers in any country —


  • Co-founders of Bunq, Picnic and MessageBird

    launch ‘People for People’

    to coordinate startups offering to help Ukrainians or Russians affected by war —


Developing… this article will be regularly updated.

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