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Revolut’s chief revenue officer quits to found web3 startup

Revolut’s chief revenue officer is leaving the $33bn company after seven years to found his own web3 startup.

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The chief revenue officer for Revolut is leaving the company after seven years to found a new web3 startup.

Alan Chang, the digital banking app’s fifth hire the year CEO Nik Storonsky and CTO Vlad Yatsenko co-founded the company, quickly rose up the ranks from operations analyst to CRO.

His departure sees the company’s leadership shakeup continue — the company lost eight senior executives during lockdown in 2020.

This came off the back of complaints about Revolut’s internal culture, which was detailed in a Wired article the previous year. 

Chang confirmed his departure to Business Insider, saying that he was leaving to found the new web3 startup with another former Revoluter, Charles Orr, who left in 2020. 

Chang has been an integral part of Revolut’s growth over the years, overseeing top-level executives and lasting longer than many others at the company.

"Alan Chang [is] definitely the main man behind the scenes," a former Revolut executive told Insider.

The executive added that he had earned the reputation of being an extension of Storonsky. 

His exit also comes just weeks after Revolut announced it was hiring former Happy Money executive Ibrahim Dusi as chief risk officer for the Americas in a push for expansion.

Chang described the new startup as the "intersection between renewable energy and web3". 

Mysteriously, Orr’s LinkedIn profile merely says that he is "working on something new." and that he is a co-founder of "Stealth Startup".

Chang has been similarly evasive on details about the new venture, although the UK’s Companies House shows the two registered a new company called Fuse Supply on March 1.

Orr is listed as CEO and Chang is listed as CRO with majority voting and share ownership.

"It's 100 per cent pull factor. 0 per cent push factor," Chang told Insider about leaving to start his new venture. 

"I love Revolut. I am using regret minimisation framework. I know 100% I will regret on my deathbed if I didn't pursue this." 

"There isn't a single job I would leave Revolut for apart from the one I am founding," he added.

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