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Flux super-charges its reach through Visa API tie-up

With help from Fidel, Flux can now offer its services to the majority of UK cardholders.

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Veronique Merriam Barbosa (centre)/Flux.

Nearly all Visa cardholders can now use Flux’s Offers platform to take advantage of retailer offers including instant cashback.

Previously Flux Offers were only available through specific integrations with banking apps like Barclays,Monzo and Starling, today through a partnership with Fidel API that is changing.

Fidel is giving Flux the ability to link nearly any Visa card to its Offers platform, meaning millions more shoppers can take advantage even if their bank doesn’t have a relationship with Flux.

Flux CEO and co-founder Veronique Merriam Barbosa called the partnership a “game-changer” for her business.

“Using our cutting edge product-level data platform, customers can get real-time cashback and our retail partners can be more creative in how they increase sales, interact with consumers and market new products.”

The fintech still needs direct partnerships with retailers to set-up the offers, but it already has brands on board including KFC, Pure, Papa John’s and Apex Hotels.

For a customer to take advantage, they just need to go to the Flux Offers website, register their card, activate the offers they want, and choose a bank account for cashback to be sent to.

By linking purchases with a card, Flux also offers retailers the ability to test and learn more about their customers, as well as letting shops target specific customer segments with certain offers.

Flux Offers was launched in October 2021 and came just ahead of Flux reaching the one million customer mark in February 2022.

No doubt with Flux Offers now available to any shopper with a Visa card, the fintech’s customer numbers will accelerate significantly in the coming months.

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