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Out now! AltFi’s Open Banking State of the Market Report 2022

Our 27-page deep dive into open banking is the most comprehensive overview of the industry yet.



Over the past four years, open banking has gone from nascent technology to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Usage, adoption and the valuations attached to players in the sector have all spiralled, as the breadth of open banking’s influence has extended from banking into payments, lending and more.

AltFi’s Open Banking State of the Market Report offers the most comprehensive overview of the open banking landscape in 2022.

What is the state of open banking in Europe? How is the technology being used in lending and payments? Which countries are charging ahead into open finance? And do critics of open banking have a valid point?

Our landmark report answers these questions and more, tracing the history of open banking all the way back to the 1980s, then looking forward to the uncharted territory ahead.

Produced with the support of our sponsor Plaid, the 2022 report covers the latest developments, global adoption, changing consumer behaviours and new trends.

Get exclusive access to AltFi’s Open Banking State of the Market Report 2022 today and explore some of our topics including:

Section 1: Open Banking - Flop Or Not?

A debate is raging as to whether open banking is a success… or running out of steam. As the future of open banking hangs in the balance, some of the industry’s biggest names weigh in.

Section 2: Birth Of A Billion-Dollar Revolution – Special Feature

In this special feature we trace the roots of open banking all the way back to Germany in the 1980s, and then explore how those early experiments led to the flourishing industry we see today.

Section 4: The Pathway To Open Finance

With the UK’s imminent decision on the future direction of open finance, we look around the world to see how other countries are racing ahead and opening up additional financial data for their citizens.

Section 6: Reshaping The OBIE

Brought in to turn around an organisation in turmoil, Charlotte Crosswell has wasted no time in fixing the Open Banking Implementation Entity’s biggest flaws. Now on the eve of open finance’s arrival, she faces her greatest challenge yet, to reshape the OBIE once again.

And much, much more...

Get your copy of the AltFi Open Banking State of the Market Report 2021 now.

Download the report today.

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