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How the AltFi team builds an event from scratch

Join as we take you through how the AltFi team builds an event, from start to finish.

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Berlin Summit 2019

Every year at AltFi we put together more than a dozen events to explore the very latest trends in alternative finance. From exclusive webinars to the large-scale Festival of Finance, we bring in fantastic speakers to offer unique perspectives on all things fintech.

Of course, our events don’t appear out of thin air; they are the accumulation of many hours of hard work. Join as we take you through how the AltFi team builds an event, from start to finish.

1. Choose our topics 

We’ve all sat in a room bored to tears, listening to someone go on and on about a topic nobody is interested in. We never want our attendees to feel that way, and so our Editorial Team carefully curates events to cover topics people really want to hear about. From the Metaverse to challenger credit cards, you’ll always be on the edge of your seat as we delve into the latest trends in fintech.

2. Craft the agenda

You’re keen to learn about the very latest trends in fintech, but only want to hear from the best of the best. We feel the same. That’s why our Editorial Team carefully selects speakers who offer the freshest takes on the hottest topics. All of our speakers are at the top of their field, so you can rest assured that their insights will be incisive!

Here’s a small sample of the exceptional speakers joining this year’s Festival of Finance:

  • Helen Bierton, Chief Banking Officer at Starling Bank

  • Richard Davis, Chief Executive Officer at Allica Bank

  • Alan Chang, Chief Revenue Officer at Revolut

  • Clare Reilly, Chief Engagement Officer at PensionBee

3. Spread the word

What would our events be without the splendid attendees? To ensure we don’t end up with an unintentional office party, our talented marketing team tirelessly spreads the word about upcoming events. From newsletters to social media, advertising campaigns, articles and more – we have all channels covered! We keep it simple; dates, times and locations are clearly outlined so that there’s no confusion about where attendees should be and when.

Sign up for our newsletters and join us on LinkedIn and

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4. Taste-test 

No one wants to feel like they’re in the Sahara Desert when they’ve rocked up to an event, including us. Our events team, therefore, taste-tests extensively so that your taste buds will always be more than satisfied. We select top-quality food and drinks and cater to all palates, including vegetarian and gluten-free. And just in case it needs saying, our complimentary catering includes free booze! Who doesn’t love free booze?

If you’re joining us at an event and have any dietary requirements, feel free to contact our team to ensure your culinary needs are met. 

5. Customise goodie bags

No one wants to go home empty-handed after a fun day out, nor be handed a bag they’ll chuck straight in the bin. We keep this in mind, customising our goodie bags so that attendees will actually want to keep them. That means including plenty of swag from our generous sponsors that can be put to good use.

Some highlights from previous goodie bags include chocolate, umbrellas, and Bluetooth speakers – with our own little goodies thrown in, of course.  We also include essential event brochures and AltFi’s latest report releases, so you’ll want to grab yourself a goodie bag at our events!

6. The Wash Up

We always want our events to be a brilliant experience for our attendees, so they aren’t over until we’ve done some brainstorming at a post-event team meeting. With all teams convened, we go over what went well and what might need rejigging, bouncing ideas around to make sure our future events are bigger and better than ever.

We also warmly welcome feedback from attendees, so feel free to contact our events team about any improvements you think we should make.

The AltFi Festival of Finance 2022 will be taking place on 27-28 April at the Park Plaza London Riverbank. Tickets are free and include access to an exclusive After Hours Party, so make sure you register soon!

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