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Exclusive: GoHenry to end all plastic cards

All of GoHenry’s prepaid debit cards, aimed at children aged 6-18, will be made from compostable polylactic acid.

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There are at least 164 million plastic cards in circulation in the UK, with nearly all made from non-biodegradable materials that end up in landfill, or worse the oceans. 

GoHenry, a neobanking fintech that offers prepaid cards for children aged 6-18, has said it is dumping plastic cards in favour of a biodegradable alternative.

The company made its first leap into the world of non-plastic cards with the launch of an 82 per cent bio-sourced non-petroleum-based polymer designed to break down in six months in May 2020.

The material for all of GoHenry’s cards - compostable polylactic acid (PLA) - is derived from plant sugars, is a material widely used in 3-D printing is also increasingly used for disposable cutlery and fishing nets. 

Producing cards with PLA uses 65 per cent less energy and 68 per cent fewer greenhouse gases than conventional plastic, GoHenry says.

“We’re all about helping kids make smart choices with money and now they can help keep the planet healthy at the same time. We know our customers are passionate about the environment and our Eco Cards can support them in living greener day-to-day,” said Louise Hill, Co-Founder and COO of GoHenry.

“When we launched our initial range of Eco Cards two years ago, the ultimate goal was to eventually print all of our cards on the greenest material possible and it’s great to see that vision come true. It’s an important step for GoHenry as we continually build and implement more sustainable practices,” Hill added. 

GoHenry, which launched in 2012, polled 3,000 UK children in March of 2021 and found 76 per cent would prefer an eco-friendly bank card.

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