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Crypto focus for Scalable Capital as it introduces new investment plans

Three of Scalable’s new plans are crypto-related, including a ‘sustainable with crypto’ plan.

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Franziska Grotz/Scalable Capital.

After launching crypto trading last year, today wealth manager and neobroker Scalable Capital is introducing crypto to its wealth management service with a host of new investment strategies.

The eight new strategies being added for Scalable’s German and Austrian customers all are ETF-based and three are crypto-focused, using exchange-traded products (ETPs) to introduce crypto into their portfolios.

Scalable’s crypto plans range from a pure 100 per cent ‘Crypto’ token focus—which is comprised of Bitcoin (45 per cent), Ethereum (30 per cent) and a range of smaller tokens—to an ‘All-weather + Crypto’ plan which looks to avoid volatility while maintaining a 4 per cent portfolio allocation to crypto.

Finally there is a ‘Sustainable with Crypto’ which follows an ESG investment strategy, along with between 0.5 and 4.5 per cent of the portfolio invested in crypto.

"For us as a pan-European digital investment platform, the offering represents a new milestone," sais Erik Podzuweit, co-founder and co-CEO of Scalable Capital.

“It is targeted at people who want to incorporate proven investment approaches such as Ray Dalio's 'all-weather portfolio' or new trends, such as the addition of crypto investments, to their portfolio.”

Other new plans being introduced include a ‘Value’ strategy that targets undervalued shares, ‘Megatrends’ which looks to future trends and technologies like AI and robotics, and ‘Climate protection’ that aims to invest in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

"The demand for individual strategies in wealth management is huge. We now have a solution for all market cycles and every investor type,” said Franziska Grotz, Scalable’s VP wealth and sustainability officer.

“Whether it's investing in value strategies like Warren Buffett, hedging against turbulence in the markets or aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement with our climate protection portfolio, every investor will find a suitable managed ETF portfolio on our platform."

Scalable operates in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy and while it wound down its UK business in 2021, continues to act as a B2B technology provider in the UK.

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