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Hedgehog launches two new ‘tokens’ to permit fractional investment into New York property

The tokens will allow investors with smaller sums to invest into real estate or infrastructure projects.

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Michael Ward/Hedgehog

Using blockchain to tokenise real world assets, investing app Hedgehog has launched two new tokens that give individuals the opportunity to invest in a manufacturing building and a rooftop solar park in Manhattan: Industrial Warehouse @ i.Park 84 and Solar @i.Park Hudson.  

By creating tokens, investors can buy a fraction of the asset, which lowers the barrier to entry for individuals wishing to invest in assets “of a size and quality that would otherwise be out of reach”.

The company says its investments offer a mix of benefits, from which investors can prioritise according to what they value most: financial, social, or environmental.

“We are catering to investors that have demand for some of the benefits that investing in valuable real-world assets can provide,” says co-founder Michael Ward. “Industrial Warehouse @ i.Park 84 is a source of stable cash flow and upside potential, while investors in Solar @i.Park Hudson can earn regular income and support the transition to a low-carbon economy at the same time.”

The tokens will be available to individuals in the US, the UK and Switzerland, and target a combination of regular income and growth. Tokens start at $5,000 on the Hedgehog app.

Led by co-founders hailing from Partners Group and Goldman Sachs, Hedgehog has secured more than £1.15bn of real estate assets as investment opportunities, including in commercial real estate, content studios, renewable energy infrastructure.

The company uses ‘tokenization’ technology, underpinned by blockchain-based smart contracts, to offer digital tokens that are backed by income generated, directly or indirectly, by real world assets.

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