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Binance UK partners with Fintech Founders group

With the UK government throwing its weight behind the country becoming a hub for digital assets innovation, more and more fintech innovators are looking to the crypto space also.

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Christian Faes/Fintech Founders

Binance UK has launched a partnership with the UK’s Fintech Founders group.

Binance, which has previously fallen foul of the UK’s financial regulator, is a crypto asset infrastructure provider as well as operates the largest digital asset exchange by volume. 

The company recently seemed to suggest it was putting down its European roots in France, following a warm welcome by President Emmanuel Macron who met its CEO Changpeng Zhao in November of 2021, according to The Financial Times.

In the UK it has had a less salubrious reception, being blocked by the UK financial regulator in early 2021. Given the recent proclamation that the UK should become a hub for stablecoins and other blockchain and digital asset technology, Binance may well be hoping for a warmer relationship with the City.

“We’re excited to become a partner with the Fintech Founders group, to be part of this highly influential network and look forward to supporting the UK’s advancement for fintech companies as well as financial institutions to work together for mutual benefit.”, said Ilir Laro, Deputy Head of UK at Binance. 

Fintech Founders, formerly the Digital Finance Forum, is an industry not-for-profit body representing the UK's entrepreneurs in financial service.

“The digital asset sector likely represents the embodiment of the next iteration of the internet as we know it - and Binance has been a global leader and pioneer in this emerging sector,” said Christian Faes, founder and chair of the Fintech Founders group. 

“Binance is also one of the fastest-growing founder-led companies in history, and so our group is really looking forward to the support from Binance and the opportunity to collaborate through this partnership,” Faes added. 

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