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Plaid and Mollie partner to help Europe’s SMEs

Mollie customers will now have access to Plaid’s technology to take advantage of the growing ecommerce market in Europe.

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After a huge surge in online sales as a result of covid, the European eCommerce market has continued to grow, both in number of users and in revenue.

That is why Plaid is adding online payment services provider Mollie to its payment partner ecosystem to provide SME merchants across the UK and Europe with tools to grow their businesses to match the demand.

Mollie customers will be able to use Plaid’s technology to expedite their onboarding processes, launch their online storefronts and get ready to accept payments more easily, according to Plaid.

“With the pandemic, Europe and much of the world experienced two years of intense financial digitisation, creating huge opportunities for businesses to serve customers in new ways,” Plaid head of European partnerships Farid Sedjelmaci said.

“Embedding Plaid solutions into payment service providers like Mollie unlocks the power of open banking for thousands of merchants with significantly less time and fewer resources required to deploy and manage.”

The partnership will embed Plaid’s open banking network into Mollie’s platform to expedite the merchant onboarding process and allow SMEs to get started more quickly.

“Our customers are at the heart of our business and we are constantly improving and striving to offer the best payments experiences,” Mollie chief product officer Rogier Schoute said.

“We’re particularly excited because the partnership will allow us to offer our customers a fantastic solution to facilitate quick and easy onboarding, not only the first time they join Mollie, but also as they grow their business abroad,” he added.

Plaid will initially support Mollie’s merchants in the UK and then expand to France and Germany.

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