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myPOS expands services to help merchants grow

With myPOS, entrepreneurs can now do it all: get instant access to their money, borrow in just a few clicks and accept the latest online payment methods.

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More than anyone else, small-business owners require from their financial-service providers innovation, support and convenience as they don’t have the same internal resources to support growth as their larger counterparts.

From the position of serving hundreds of thousands of small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), we, at myPOS, can tell that to reduce inefficiencies and improve cash flow, merchants need a single platform that takes away the burden of managing multiple relationships, integrations and tools. A platform with a full stack of integrated business solutions and a wide range of financial services, which are charged based on the merchants’ turnover, with no fixed costs or long-term engagement.

The good news is thatmyPOS has been on the side of small business owners for nearly a decade. And thus, thanks to our strong experience, we’ve developed such a platform – the so-called myPOS business-in-a-box. This was achieved not only through internal product innovation, but also through partnerships with best-in-class financial institutions and business-application developers. As a result, recently, we’ve introduced a slew of new services that enable the small business to grow.

Enabling Growth by Providing Easy Access to Lending

Listening to small business owners, we understand that many of them face hurdles to secure the financing they need to grow. Conventional financial institutions respond slowly and often inadequately to the borrowing needs of the small business. This is why we have formed partnerships with leading financial institutions to roll out our new myPOS loans functionality with fast approval process, and automatic and flexible repayment options (calculated as percentage of the merchant’s turnover).

Enabling Growth by Providing Wider Payment-Acceptance Capabilities

The pandemic has sped up the adoption of modern payment technologies such as QR codes and payment links, and ignoring these changing consumer habits can result in loss of activity for SMBs. To lend a hand to merchants, myPOS has recently introduced another payment tool that allows them to accept online payments without a website. myPOS Payment Tag is a secure, customizable web page where customers can pay in seconds with their preferred payment method. The new offering aligns with our mission to offer small businesses the widest range of payment acceptance solutions.

Enabling Growth by Providing OmniChannel Solutions

As e-com and offline commerce continue to integrate, small business owners increasingly need omnichannel business tools that enable them to serve consumers on both channels. That’s why myPOShas recently introduced myPOS Online – a platform enabling merchants tocreate a modern online store easily and only pay a transaction fee once a sale is complete. It has no set-up or monthly fees, and, like other myPOS services, provides a free merchant account with instant access to funds and a free business card. So, slow settlement times and high, fixed costs are no longer a barrier for those who want to trade online in foreign markets.

Enabling Growth by Providing Soft POS

As a pioneer in the fintech world, myPOS has been the first one equipping its merchants with its award-winning myPOS Glass, which allows business owners to accept card and contactless payments directly on their Android smartphones.

This and other value-added services enable SMBs to grow and this is evidenced by the fact that, in the first five months of the year, myPOS has broken all records attracting an ever-larger number of SMBs, whose transactions on the myPOS platform increased by 75 per cent YoY to reach €2.5bn.

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