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Funding Options adds MarketFinance to its embedded lending platform

More choice for SMEs looking to borrow and grow.

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Simon Cureton/Funding Options.

MarketFinance will embed its suite of loans and lending products directly within Funding Options’ lending marketplace, as part of a new partnership.

The Funding Cloud platform lets lenders embed their products directly inside Funding Options, resulting in more streamlined applications and faster decisions.

Its result is that SMEs get near-instant decisions on loans without having to leave Funding Options and complete a separate application directly with the lender.

Funding Options says the service also makes lending more competitive by giving businesses real-time quotes across all the lenders it partners with.

“Speed and seamless access to finance is crucial to small businesses, particularly in the current economic climate,” said MarketFinance CEO and co-founder Anil Stocker.

“Embedding our lending products in the Funding Cloud will enable us to reach more customers, when they need us, and helps to drive our vision of frictionless finance.”

Funding Options CEO Simon Cureton said the addition of MarketFinance would bring even greater supply to FundingCloud for SMEs.

“As significant demand returns to the alternative lending sector, it is those that embrace innovation to deliver a great customer experience who will thrive,” he said.

Funding Cloud has now reached a record of 20 seconds from loan application to credit approval, with application to funds in the bank reaching as fast as 18 minutes.

Cureton has been leading the business through a period of diversification, as it branches out from being a pure lending marketplace to include everything from energy switching to international payments.

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