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Lanistar founder opts for fintech and crypto media in new venture

Gurhan Kiziloz, who founded controversial influencer-challenger bank Lanistar, has moved into the world of media with a new company in 2022.

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The founder and former CEO of Lanistar, an aspiring banking challenger that found itself in hot water with the UK regulator in 2020, has launched a new business providing crypto and fintech companies’ content to media brands. 

According to Companies House, Gurhan Kiziloz - who led Lanistar until the end of last year - is the sole director of the World Press Release Organisation. The company was incorporated at the end of 2021 and has 35 staff according to LinkedIn.

The company describes itself as: 

“An international collective of independent professionals, including writers, editors, researchers, and data analysts. We specialise in helping businesses and individuals to build and control their own narratives,” according to its website.

In emails seen by AltFi, the company has said its current clients are mainly in the digital banking and cryptocurrency markets.

Lanistar while never achieving a banking license was one of the most talked-about UK fintechs during the pandemic era after an eyebrow raising launch campaign in March of 2020.

By November 2020, Lanistar was flagged directly as being a potentially fraudulent company by the UK financial regulator the FCA for operating outside of authorised financial activities. 

Just two days later the FCA recalled its warning and the company agreed to add disclaimers to its adverts and website.

Kiziloz, who founded Lanistar, later faced claims from dozens of staff members who said they hadn't been paid for several months. The company more recently also faced a court petition from Global Processing Services, its card issuing partner, over claims it hadn't been paid for its services. 

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