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4 Ways To Stand Out In A Sea of Similar Candidates

Despite talent shortages for entry-level roles, mid-level and senior positions are becoming more and more competitive, writes Jo Linehan.

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There have never been more opportunities to work within the tech and Fintech sectors, from burgeoning start-ups to established monoliths. Fintech alone has seen a 182% increase in tech job growth in the first quarter of 2022, according to research by Robert Walters, and the global fintech market is expected to grow a further 20 per cent between 2020 to 2025, according toGlobal News Wire. In short, the future of tech and fintech is bright, and the sky's the limit for those with the talent and ambition to join these evolving sectors. 

With this explosion of growth and opportunity comes talent shortages for entry-level roles, while mid-level and senior positions are becoming more and more competitive. So, how do you stand out and secure your dream role in a sea of similar candidates? Here are the four main ways to set yourself apart from the competition in the fintech and tech divisions. 

1. Culture Cue 

A wide variety of company cultures exist within these industries. As you apply and interview for a role, it's vital that you're well-versed in the specifics of that company's working culture. Does the company value problem solving over creativity? Is it interested in applicants willing to work remotely, or does it prefer in-office working hours? Will you be expected to socialise or volunteer alongside your work obligations? 

At Monzo, the app-based challenger bank, communication style is a key component of its culture; it even shares its tone of voice guide internally and on its website. Being familiar and aligned with how a company expects employees to speak to co-workers, clients, and customers will help give you an edge when it comes to understanding its working ethos. 

Researching and familiarising yourself with as many cultural nuances as possible of a company will ensure you're a good fit, and will help the hiring manager to see you as a great match for its core values. 

2. Competitive Edge 

It's not enough to be skilled in your area of expertise. Today, Fintech and tech companies look for applicants with self-starting attributes that reach beyond their defined roles. From upskilling and attending extracurricular webinars to ensuring you boast an understanding of industry-wide trends and developments, employers in this space want to hire candidates who actively develop their skills and knowledge base daily. 

As a globally established and respected provider of everything from consulting, financial advisory, and related services, Deloitte prides itself on its team of highly motivated and knowledgeable talent. Whether you've completed an online course, attended a relevant seminar, or are an avid reader of the latest industry newsletter, showing a potential employer like Deloitte that you go the extra mile is a great way to illustrate your interest and passion for a role. Explore all of Deloitte’s open roles here

3. Problem Solving For Success 

The tech world moves fast, which means each day is filled with experimentation, exploration, trial and error. Demonstrating your ability to adapt makes you an attractive prospect for employers. Think of a time when you faced a challenge and used your experience and knowledge to pivot and problem solve and be prepared to bring that anecdote to an interview setting. 

Codat is on a mission to make life easier for small businesses by enabling their systems and services to work together seamlessly. As a company, it prioritises a candidate's attitude towards problem-solving above all else. Demonstrating a positive approach and adaptability is something Codat (and almost every other Fintech and tech company) actively seeks out and will help set you apart in the recruitment process. Discover Codat’s open positions, and your best fit today. 

4. All About Teamwork 

For almost all jobs within fintech, you can expect to work across multiple teams in different departments, collaborating to achieve shared goals, usually under strict deadlines. Candidates who can demonstrate an ability to work well as part of a team and develop strong working relationships with colleagues will gain an advantage in collaborative companies. Bringing examples of past teamwork experiences to the table will help illustrate your capacity for all-hands activities. 

At Crowdcube, an equity crowdfunding platform, teamwork skills are essential to the fabric of the company's culture. Anyone onboarded must be proficient in collaboration and blending their skills with others to become part of the combined team's efforts, so pitching yourself as a team player is vital. Interested in joining the team? Explore your perfect role here

Remember, no matter what the role or company, your unique working experience is what sets you apart. Don't be afraid to highlight challenges overcome, share your passion for the company you're interviewing with, and shine a light on what you can bring to the table. In the spheres of tech and Fintech, the opportunities are endless. 

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