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Here's why it matters if you're engaged at work

Jobbio's Kirstie McDermott takes a look into what disengagement at work can look like and why being engaged is so important.

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We hear a lot about why it is important for companies to engage their employees. Gallup's recent State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report uncovered that employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, according to, or 11 per cent of global GDP.

It’s all very well for companies to calculate the revenues lost by staff who are switched-off, therefore neatly passing blame. But what about you? Surely firms have responsibilities to manage their employee engagement – and how does the situation arise in the first place?

A 2021 State of Employee Engagement report found that 49 per cent of organisations with frontline workers saw engagement drop that year, and 36 per cent of firms with a mix of office and frontline saw engagement decline too.

There are lots of reasons why you could become disengaged at work. The pandemic, of course, is a huge factor for many of us; bad management and poor communication are others.

Below, we take a look at why being engaged matters – and what being disengaged can look like.

You are listened to

No one is happy at work all of the time. But being able to address issues as they arise, ask for help and know you’ll have access to reasonable accommodations is really important. Lack of communication leads to disengagement; you’re switched off, you doubt you’ll be listened to, and you won’t proffer any additional ideas or feedback that might just benefit the wider company goals.

You’re not burnt out

Burnout is a huge workplace issue right now. Glassdoor analysed employee reviews and found that mentions of burnout have increased 128 per cent since May 2021, around the time that lockdown restrictions started to ease. The site also surveyed 2,000 full-time UK employees, and found that 52 per cent said that work regularly ate into their personal life, and 35 per cent said they did not believe a healthy work-life balance was possible in their current role.

Researchers at Harvard Business School and New York University found that the number of meetings increased during the pandemic by 12.9 per cent, on average, and the number of attendees per meeting grew by 13.5 per cent. It all leads to a feeling of being a hamster on a wheel.

You do good work

A sense of purpose, the knowledge that the work you are doing matters and is contributing to a bigger picture is important for your own personal goals, but it is also the fuel that will drive your creativity and innovation at work. Having that spark allows you to do good work, contribute to great projects and come up with new ideas. So in the long run, it’ll benefit your career.

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