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Why host a Startup Forum?

4 reasons you don't want to miss our inaugural Startup Forum.

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There are plenty of online events exploring startups for the average Joe (or Jill!) to attend. So why has AltFi decided to host one on alternative finance and fintech? And what makes our first-ever AltFi Startup Forum worth attending? Here are four reasons…

There’s never been a better time to join the fintech industry

With 2021 shattering records for fintech startup funding and companies continuing to embrace new work models, fintechs are posing a greater threat than ever to traditional financial institutions. The excitement in the fintech air is palpable - so why sit on the sidelines when you can be a part of the action? And of course, what better way to get involved than to hear from top dogs in the industry?

Giving newbies the know-how

While forums typically target a generic audience, ours will be catering to the niche of alternative finance startups. We’re focused on bridging the gap between budding entrepreneurs and senior leaders within the industry, so that you can hear the best and most relevant advice on founding and scaling, hiring, and raising capital. For all of you novice CEOs or would-be founders out there, there’s no reason to miss out on our forum.

Taking your company to the next level

Are you facing some challenges? You’re not a newbie on the block, but you want to take your company to the next level and aren’t sure how to proceed. We’ve got you covered! Our speakers will be sharing invaluable insights for more seasoned entrepreneurs, in addition to their advice for fresh-faced founders and CEOs. Looking towards your first funding round? Want to shake up hiring practices? Whatever’s weighing on your mind, there’ll be some great words of wisdom to latch onto!

An inclusive event

Our startup forum is a free virtual event, so anyone and everyone is welcome to attend! It doesn’t matter if you’re based in central London, a quaint parish, or even on the other side of the globe; if you want to understand more about fintech startups, then we can’t wait to see you! No borders, no limits – just a love of all things alternative finance.

The AltFi Startup Forum 2022 is a free virtual event taking place on the afternoon of 22 September. Click here to register!

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