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CapitalStackers passes £150m of lending to property developers

While many P2P lenders have been withdrawing from the market, one of the first UK platforms has ploughed through.

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Peer-to-peer property lender CapitalStackers has passed £150m of lending.

CapitalStackers, which has been operating for nearly nine years, lends to housing development projects and combines funding from a variety of sources including banks - accounting for £124m - as well as individual investors and directors of the business. 

It currently has about 190 active investors.

Of the £150m total lent since the company launched in 2013, CapitalStackers says, nearly £43m has been repaid to banks and over £15.7m to investors at an average return of 12.91 per cent

The lowest return received, it adds, has been 6.9 per cent and the highest 24.97 per cent with zero losses so far.

“This milestone is particularly pleasing given it's been achieved through very strong relationships with our senior funding partners and especially our investors, to whom I would like to pass on our sincere thanks,” said Steve Robson, managing director of CapitalStackers.

“The zero loss record – even throughout the current cocktail of global crises – is a living reflection of the core directors’ experience as property lenders with top-drawer banking pedigrees,” the company said in a media statement. 

“The directors have adhered throughout to their key principle of never allowing a trowel to be lifted or a penny to be drawn down until all the funding is in place – when many competitors fell by the wayside because they were unable to find fresh investment in times of crisis,” it added.

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