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Over 1 million customers complete Revolut's crypto learning courses

Learn about crypto and make money, don't learn about crypto and lose money

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Revolut has provided crypto education to more than 1 million customers across 32 countries since the launch of its 'Learn & Earn' courses in July. 

The 'Learn & Earn' courses are designed to help customers build their crypto knowledge on topics spanning from the nature of fiat vs. cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and introductions to different popular cryptos. 

“Learn & Earn‘ will help them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto,” said Emil Urmanshin, Revolut's general manager for crypto at the launch of the program

All courses are available on the Revolut app, with rewards amounting up to $15 in DOT tokens, Polkadot's token, if all courses and the 'final quiz' are completed. 

Revolut's decision to offer DOT as a reward is a result of a collaboration between Revolut and Polkdaot that was announced at the start of the 'Learn & Earn' programme. 

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The London-based superapp's decision to offer crypto courses comes as interest in cryptos and its sub-industries such as NFT's and DeFi are rising. 

According to Revolut, year-on-year numbers from July suggest that the number of crypto-related transactions has grown by 20 per cent. 

Data from Chainalysis, indicates that the UK ranks highest for crypto and DeFi activity in Western Europe, with one-in-ten Britons having purchased crypto last year. 

In the past month, Revolut has doubled down on its commitment to offering crypto products to its 20 million large customer base. 

Last week, the fintech giant announced the release of 22 new cryptocurrencies available in the UK and EEA, taking the number of tokens available for purchase to well over 40. 

Earlier this week, Revolut said it planned to increase its crypto staff by 20 per cent, adding to the 43 crypto-related hires onboarded in 2022 alone. 

"We see crypto as a long-term play and remain bullish on the crypto industry," said Emil Urmanshin, crypto general manager at Revolut.

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