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Klarna expands ‘super app’ to track all your shopping

Klarna wants to lead a generational shift away from credit cards and, increasingly, be users' only app for online shopping.

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Klarna has made a big step forward in its long-term strategy to become the sole shopping app consumers use.

The BNPL giant has updated its app so consumers can use it to keep track of all online shopping, not just Klarna purchases. 

Klarna says the move will help UK consumers save time and manage their online purchases more convenient. 

Users connect their email accounts to the app and Klarna scans details from order confirmation emails and imports the data into the Klarna app. This data includes product images, prices, delivery tracking numbers, and carrier and parcel tracking information. The feature is compatible today with Gmail and Outlook.  

Alex Marsh, Head of Klarna UK says the feature came out of customer demand for a tool to help manage all online orders in one place removing the need to switch back and forth between platforms to keep track of everything. 

“As more of us turn to alternative delivery methods which may be cheaper, or better for the environment, it can get tricky to stay on top of your deliveries.  Our delivery tracking feature, already popular in Sweden and the US, makes managing deliveries quick, simple and seamless - everything that we stand for at Klarna," Marsh said.

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