Webinar: Can lenders stay profitable in a recession?

Meet the speakers for our upcoming webinar on the state of lending amid the current market turmoil.

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With economic uncertainty rising and consumers penny-pinching, there is a much-needed discussion to be had about lending. How are lenders affected by – and can they even lend responsibly in – the current climate?

During Thursday’s AltFi live discussion on lending, taking place on August 18th at 10:00am, three expert speakers will be exploring how lenders can stay profitable during such uncertain times. Check them out below:

Chris Keane, VP of Business Development, GDS Link

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Chris Keane is the VP of Business Development for GDS Link's UK office in Leeds, and a recognised leader in consumer credit and e-commerce. Previously Head of Consumer Lending at Barclays, Chris is well versed in strategy development, having managed their mortgage product portfolio during the 2008 financial crisis. Most recently, Chris was Commercial Director at MoneySupermarket and boasts a wealth of experience delivering digital financial solutions to customers.

Katrin Herrling, CEO and Co-Founder, Funding Xchange

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Katrin is a co-founder of FUNDING XCHANGE (FXE). FXE launched in 2016 and today, the company is working with nine UK banks and 70+ lenders to help customers access SME funding solutions. Before founding FXE, Katrin spent seven years at Bain & Company, working closely with banks and other financial services institutions across Europe. Prior to joining Bain, Katrin led American Express’ strategy and business development team in London.  

Arie Wilder, COO, auxmoney

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Arie Wilder is COO & Managing Director of auxmoney, a leading digital-lending platform for consumer credit in Europe. Before taking on the position as COO, Arie shaped the strategic development and growth of auxmoney in several senior management positions since 2012. Prior to that, Arie worked as a risk consultant at KPMG.

Now that you know a bit more about our speakers, we can’t wait to see you at this week’s live discussion on lending! Haven’t registered yet? Click here now to register. 

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a man wearing glasses and a suit

Chris Keane

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