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Bitstamp to offer 0% trading fees

Bitstamp joins Revolut in offering innovative ways to attract new investors to crypto

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Crypto exchange Bitstamp announced it is offering 0 per cent trading fees on all coins up to $1000 and will roll out its Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations to make crypto purchases more accessible in due course. 

According to Bitstamp's  Crypto Pulse survey found that 41 per cent of retail users do not know about crypto and digital assets to start investing. 

This initiative is part of Bitstamp's 'Summer of Discovery' campaign, a first-of-its-kind initiative offering to help onboard investors who are new to the crypto space. 

"The summer is about coming out of crypto winter and discovering new ways to invest in digital assets and crypto," said JB Graftieaux, Global CEO of Bitstamp. 

Graftieaux also commented that the Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations would make it "easier than ever" for clients to gain access to the crypto space. 

Bitstamp's campaign to onboard new customers by catering to mainstream payment platforms coincides with Revolut's launch of its 'Learn & Earn' initiative

In July, Revolut unveiled its crypto-education feature on its app, offering customers rewards for completing courses and quizzes on cryptos and blockchain technology. 

Over 1 million customers have taken Revolut's  'Learn & Earn' courses.

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