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Revolut co-founder marks “heartbreaking” Ukraine Independence Day

Vlad Yatsenko says he hopes “peace comes to a free Ukraine soon”.

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Vlad Yatsenko (left)/Revolut.

Revolut’s Ukrainian co-founder Vlad Yatsenko today posted an all-hands message on Revolut’s internal Slack to mark Ukraine's Independence Day (celebrating the country’s separation from the Soviet Union in 1991).

In it, Yatsenko said this Independence Day is “heartbreaking” given Russia’s invasion and said he hopes “peace comes to a free Ukraine soon”.

“Today we celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day,” he wrote. “Tragically, this year the date also marks six months since the full scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia began.”

“This invasion didn’t just affect us as a business - more importantly, it touched a lot of us very personally and directly. Therefore the main focus for the company has always been on protecting our staff and families in Ukraine, by providing evacuation, financial and mental health support.”

Revolut has been both campaigning and working to support the Ukrainian people over the last six months, with CEO and co-founder Nik Storonsky calling Russia’s invasion “abhorrent” earlier this year.

The fintech has been waiving transfer fees to Ukraine and helping refugees from the country to open accounts, leading to Ukraine's vice prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov celebrating Revolut’s work.

Yatsenko has been consistently outspoken about Russia’s invasion, calling Vladimir Putin a “brazen liar” just days after the fighting began.

“The war isn’t over, and even though this Independence Day is heartbreaking, it is also more hopeful and symbolic than ever,” Yatsenko wrote today.

“To all Ukrainians, I hope you and your families are safe, and that peace comes to a free Ukraine soon. To everyone else, I wish a war to never come to you or your home country.”

He signed off “Слава Україні!”, which translates as “Glory to Ukraine!"

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