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Shares scores win with Serena and Venus Williams’ investment

Serena Williams says she was “blown away” by Shares' vision as she and Venus become brand ambassadors.


Serena and Venus Williams/Shares.

Grand slam stars Serena and Venus Williams are taking their doubles partnership off the court and into the fintech world as the first brand ambassadors for Shares.

The Williams sisters have now become active investors in the social trading, community-based investing app.

While it is not known how much the two invested personally, the news comes just a few months after the app got a second lot of $40m in funding in a round led by Peter Thiel Fund, Valar Ventures.

The social media meets investing app says its ultimate mission is to make investing “more accessible, inclusive and collaborative” – a vision the Williams sisters share.

“It is rare to find companies that are equally as passionate about opening up opportunities and breaking barriers to entry that have prevented traditional spaces like investment from being totally inclusive,” Serena Williams said.

“Gen Z has a curious way of looking at the world and through the amplification of social media, have been much more open about educating themselves and sharing that information. 

“I believe everyone, and especially women, should have the tools and access to information to take control of their finances; Shares is a platform that encourages the conversations we should all be part of.” 

Shares launched in the UK in May and has already gained more than 150,000 users.

The app's unique offering is that the platform opens up investing to a diverse audience that might not typically see a space for themselves or traditionally have the access, resources or opportunity to invest.

60 per cent of the app’s users are 25 years old or younger, and more than 33 per cent are women.

“Shares is a creative and playful solution that solves a very real problem, which is why we wanted to get involved with Benjamin [Chemla, Co-Founder and CEO of Shares] and the team,” Venus Williams said.

“While we both have a broad range of interests when it comes to companies we support, there is a common thread throughout which falls on the intersection where passion meets purpose.” 

Serena Williams’ venture capital firm Serena Ventures also recently invested in Ugandan fintech Numida, a lending firm providing working capital loans to African SMEs.

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