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Ex-Meta VP becomes Stripe’s head of revenue

Vivek Sharma will head up a brand new revenue and financial management team at Stripe after six years at Meta.

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Vivek Sharma/Stripe.

Stripe has found itself a brand new head of revenue and financial management in one of Meta’s former vice presidents, Vivek Sharma.

Sharma stepped down from his role as VP of Meta’s virtual reality social platform Horizon Worlds a few months ago, and is now working with Stripe’s new product team.

He is collaborating with the new team to develop products aimed at helping businesses manage, track and analyse their revenue, he shared in a LinkedIn post.

“I could not be joining at a better time,” Sharma wrote.

“There’s been huge creativity in online business models over the last decade. Retailers are becoming marketplaces and platforms, marketplaces are becoming retailers, fintech and the creator economy are (sic) everywhere…

“But financial systems haven’t kept up. Businesses are still constrained by the basics: how do we bill our users and/or support new billing models? How do we track all of these financial assets and obligations sloshing around in the cloud? And how do we do this compliantly in markets around the world?”

Sharma will head up the revenue and financial management team to solve these problems after spending six years at Meta, first leading the expansion of Facebook Marketplace to more than 700 million people and finally building the social network within the metaverse.

He stepped down from his role in August, and was replaced by Vishal Shah after criticism over the graphics quality of Horizon Worlds.

Shifting from the metaverse to real businesses, Sharma will help businesses grow in his new role at Stripe.

“We’re helping businesses earn more money in more ways—vital in the current slowdown—and make accounting, tax and analytics a ton easier so they can manage that revenue for a lot less effort,” Sharma wrote.

“Getting this right could be a big driver of economic opportunity for businesses around the world,” he added.

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