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Bunq replaces search with a generative AI called Finn

Leaping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon with a novel new approach

Finn Bunq


Neobank Bunq has replaced the search functionality of its app with a new generative AI called Finn, which will help users budget, plan their finances and navigate the app.

The feature is presented in a chat-style text box, similar to ChatGPT, where users can ask questions like “How much did I spend on Amazon this year?” or “What is the average amount I spend on groceries per month?”.

What sets Finn apart from the many other generative AI offerings quickly springing up, is that Bunq is letting Finn interrogate your financial data to pick out new insights.

“Finn will wow you,” Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of Bunq said. 

“Years of AI innovation, coupled with laser focus on our users, allowed us to completely transform banking as you know it. Seeing Generative AI make life so much easier for our users is incredibly exciting.”

Bunq also yesterday announced that it has reached 11 million users across the EU and has grown its deposits 55 per cent since July 2023 to €7bn.

The fintech could soon see its growth increase even further, with news that Bunq is laying the groundwork to reopen UK customer sign-ups.

In November a new subsidiary, Bunq UK Ltd, was incorporated at Companies House, with the company saying it is part of a plan to start growing in the market again.

“Being both a hotspot for digital nomads and home to many Brits pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle, the UK is a key market for us,” Bunq CEO Ali Niknam told The Standard.

“Plus, it’s amazing to see the UK’s push to embrace fintech. Therefore we are actively looking into new ways to enable UK users to sign up for bunq once again.”

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