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Can generative AI tools help you to get a new job in 2024?

If you're starting the new year looking for a new job, generative AI could be a friend not a foe in your job hunt, Amply's Kirstie McDermott writes


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If you’re job hunting, you’re not alone. According to recent data, people in the UK are applying to about 15 per cent more roles than they were a year ago.

While this can be seen as a reflection of a more competitive job-hunting ecosystem, the rapid introduction and adoption of generative AI tools may also be playing its part.

Generative AI entered the wider public consciousness and was adopted with gusto in 2023. From ChatGPT from OpenAI to Google’s Bard, ChatGPT alone now has over 180 million monthly users and 100 million weekly active users.

Despite these positive numbers, a recent survey from Morgan Stanley found that a majority of those not using chatbots also had no plans to use them in the next six months.

The reason for this could be at the root of another of the investment bank’s studies. Its research economists have found that more than 40 per cent of occupations may be affected by generative AI in the next three years.

There is a real fear out there among workers who worry that they will be replaced by technology, with another recent poll finding that while 20 per cent are afraid ChatGPT is taking jobs from honest workers, others feel it helps them work “smarter, not harder”.

AI for recruitment

One way you can use generative AI tools to do exactly that is when you’re looking for a new job. At the outset, it is crucial to keep in mind that ChatGPT only uses data up to the year 2021, so it won’t be able to give you any information on events or data beyond that range.

That means that while you can use it as a research tool to give you information on companies you’re interested in, and discover specifics on job titles or technical terms, you may have to do some additional legwork via your regular search engine for anything newer.

In terms of speeding up your search, assisting with cover letters, helping you to match keywords from job ads which you can then incorporate as required into your CV, generative AI tools can help. They can also help you to create sets of interview questions —ones you may be asked, and questions you may want to ask your interviewer.

However, do keep in mind that the output from AI tools should be your beginning — and not an end. Use these tools to speed up the application process and refine your mission statements, but using them to game the system won’t work.

That’s because while it’s possible to get an AI tool to make your CV look like you’ve got incredible experience, this might get you to a first interview — but it won’t get you a second once a recruiter assesses your actual skills.

Caveats aside, if you’re ready to go ahead and look for a new role this year — assisted by gen AI or not — there are plenty to discover on the AltFi Job Board, like the three below.

Engineering Manager (Mobile) — Global Bank, SumUp, London

SumUp is looking for an Engineering Manager to lead a squad of mobile engineers focused on delivering the most impactful user-facing features, both global and market-specific, which require a deep understanding of the mobile banking domain. You will help to shape the technical vision and strategy for both iOS and Android apps, and will also contribute to building and maintaining strong developer relations inside the mobile chapters. You'll support engineers to reach their full potential, mastering their current skills and developing new competencies to advance their personal growth. You can get all the details here.

Director, Procurement Cards Product Management, Mastercard, London

Mastercard Procurement cards enable corporations and employees to pay for purchases outside of formal account payable systems. As Procurement Card Director, you’ll be responsible for developing and implementing the B2B card strategy, defining client narrative and managing the customer journey, and identifying portfolio optimisation and use-cases. To apply, you'll need 15 plus years’ of experience in payment, experience in the B2B industry, experience in ERP SaaS industry, and you'll require a degree in product management and marketing, solution sales, or a relevant field. Get full application criteria here.

Asset & Wealth Management — London — Vice President — Full Stack Engineer, Goldman Sachs, London

At Goldman Sachs, engineers make things possible. As a Full Stack Engineer, you’ll develop financial products with direct impact on millions of consumers and systems, which will be the primary sources of revenue for the organisation. Here, engineers are in control of decisions about systems they own from the first line of code written, using modern architecture principles, collaborative development processes and a continuous delivery approach. A minimum of five years of relevant professional experience is required, as is a B.S. or higher in computer science or a related field, or equivalent work experience. Plus, you’ll have expertise in Java, React JS and HTML5. Apply for this position now.

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